Super Moist Pound Cake

People have a tendency to ask me to make things since they know I have a passing for cooking and baking. So my dad's request was pound cake. But there was a stipulation to his request. It had to be moist. He doesn't like dry pound cake. So I was on a search for a moist pound cake recipe. I looked in my America's Test Kitchen cookbook to see if the recipe description had the word "moist" in it. It didn't, so I continued my search. I remembered I bought a cookbook written by a food scientist figuring it must be good because food scientists are awesome =). And to my luck I found a recipe that the author, Shirley Corriher, came up with and she said it was moister than the original. Food scientists FTW! So here are some pics of the pound cake from Shirley Corriher's book Bakewise.


Omy said...

I requested Stephie to bake me this cake. Stephie did an awesome job baking this cake. It's not only delicious but very moist which is the way I like my pound cake. I don't like it crumbly.

Thanks Stephie.

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