So I was told to make a blog...

Hello world. My sister has been on my case about making a blog about all the food that I like to make. She, you see, is a blog-a-holic. A certified, self-proclaimed, proud blog-a-holic. She's very religious when it comes to posting on her blog. So here I am, blogging. Not something I'm particularly good at; I'm not much of a writer. So if there are grammatical errors or sentences that never seem to end, my bad.. I don't mean to. I have a science based brain, not an English based one. So take me as I am: a food scientist, a wannabe cook/baker, and an overall foodie. I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing all the goodies I make as much as I love making them. =)


Omy said...

Awww my Stephie. You write very well too. Your scientific brain is OK by me. You're my Numero Uno Straight 'A' Cal Poly Super Student.

-From a proud Dad.

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