Lumpia is a gift from God

For whoever is reading this, I'll give you a little background info. I'm 3/4 Filipino and 1/4 white. I love all kinds of Filipino foods: adobo, pancit, pan de sal, and especially LUMPIA. Lumpia is one of the best things on earth. It's probably the most iconic Filipino food out there. I've loved lumpia since I was little but my best friend, Ian, had never eaten lumpia until this past June. That's really surprising since he went to a high school with mostly Filipinos. He even had a Filipino best friend when he was younger. But his first time trying lumpia was at my sister's bridal shower this summer. He immediately fell in love with them and couldn't stop raving about them. I told my mom how strongly he felt about them and she offered to teach both of us how to make them from scratch. Of course he was interested. So my mom went online and looked for recipes and there even were videos on YouTube on how to make them. She found a recipe, we made them, and they were AMAZING. Better than anything you could get in a store or restaurant.


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